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(Vol 2 . ACP. ) I think the reference to the main article is good enough but “poor programming” should be removed– it is pejorative, or at leat not NPOV. Were a machine not to have the ability to pay out two jackpots in a row, it would contravene the Lotteries and Gaming Acts. A UK machine can pay out over its percentage and will then make up the shortfall later. “This greater accessibility is also seen as a potential contributor to problem gambling. ” – once again, empirical basis is unclear. There are at least 9 dimensions to accessibility according to the Australian Productivity Commission’s report in 1999[]. Which of them pertains to problem gambling is open to research. “This higher level of complexity has meant that greater revenues can be obtained by operators, but also that the potential for problem gambling to develop is increased. ” – empirical basis unclear.

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To the point that even the FBI cannot set foot on the land without express permission and does not have authority to arrest, detain or stop criminal acts. Anyone living on these lands is effectively subject only to the tribal authorities there. As far as I know, note of these nations is involved in anything but traditional tribal gambling activities. I am something of an expert in pseudorandom number generation and I assure you it is not down to poor programming. All generators necessarily will repeat, since there are only so many numbers in the sequenece. Indeed it would be incredibly surprising if every number in the period appeared exactly once (this would, of course, happen with dealing e. g. a shuffled pack of cards). This is dealt with extensively in Knuth, Seminumerical Algorithms.

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