The Way To Offer Your Website

The monthly expenditure of the site is approx 1500 USD per month including everything. As every one is saying the cost of the site is revenue multiply 2. 5 minus the cost of maintenance. A more creative and aggressive entrepreneur though cares about your full asset portfolio… what else do I get?

So you’re right… cashflow is just ONE piece of the puzzle. They want to invest and make sure that with little work, they’ll be eventually making more back from the cash streams you’ve already setup.

Its an eyewear E Commerce portal made on magento platform. Its includes all the advanced add ons like google base, google checkout, onestepcheckout, compare tool and lots more. Its just 3 month old portal which sell more than 50, 000 USD product.

I’ve read a few articles on valuing website tonight, but many that I’ve found are full of ‘techno-talk’ and ‘babble’ and hard to understand. If I sell website what happens to these paid plugins and themes?

Just been reading several of your posts, tons of valuable information in here. I’ve actually spent the last 6 months building up Adsense websites to flip. I think the hardest part of the process is to find potential buyers that will understand the value of your website. Many wnat to be online entrepreneurs will not be able to understand the value of an established, developed site vs a brand new build. Will definitely come back when/if I buy or sell a site. Also, consider the ease of maintenance of your site. The architecture and on-page SEO of some sites is so complicated that a new owner will want to rebuild.

Selling From Website

Going through a broker is among the safest ways to find a buyer (who’s willing to pay a good multiple. ) They’ll weed out the tirekickers for you and find you someone who’s serious on buying sites. We personally list our sites by taking the average net profit of the past 3 months and multiplying by 20.

Even the content is covered and you just have to spend half an hour to checkup on things. My question is i want to sell this site so can someone will buy this. I just read your articles and found its really worth for new comer. The question of when to sell is a personal one, but whether there is a buyer depends on the market. Sure you can try and sell a site with no revenue, but you won’t get much for it or maybe no interest at all. Thank you very much for posting all information at one place on how to sell website.

When I bought themes and plugins, it was mentioned that I should use only on my own domains. @chris, Thank you, I have been looking for private buyers for 3months time already. Blogging has become a full time things and is no longer a ‘past time’ thing if you don’t want to look that behind. One of the most miserable things I have recently realized is that you must never abandon your site! Over the past year or what I have neglected my blog because I don’t really have the time for blogging and all that. I do not think there is a specific method of calculating the value of a website. If you are paying big money for it, maybe it is a good idea to pay someone to do some due dilligence.